About Vines for Wines

The Vines for Wines site is organised into four main categories:

LEARN pages

Hints and tips for new growers are categorised and listed under LEARN at the right of this page; these end with links to a few books that may be useful.

At the foot this page and the Learn pages is a box where you may submit a comment or ask a question. If it is of general interest, it will be posted to Latest news and updates to invite discussion. It is regrettable that spammers make it necessary to filter all comments and questions before they are posted; the fate of an earlier vine forum was determined by spammers that forced the site to close.


Vines and trellis materials can be purchased through the SHOP pages.


This contains miscellaneous items that do not belong in either of the above categories. I plan to develop a shadow length calculator for this section - if you know of one already please let me know.


These are located on the home page. Visitors may add comments to the topics posted but, alas, these must also be filtered to discourage spammers.

Your contributions to this site are welcomed…

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