Maiden Vines - 2012/2013

Maiden vines are rooted but completely untrained. They may be own root or grafted - normally on the SO4 rootstock which has been used on a variety of soil types in the UK and Europe. Vines are soaked overnight to reduce the risk of drying out during shipment but on receipt should be planted or at least heeled-in and watered as soon as possible.

Bare-root, ungrafted vines ready for shipment Here is an illustration of two own root, i.e. ungrafted vines ready for shipment. The ‘maiden’ on the left is the customary choice as it is cheaper and completely untrained: the root system is small and is easy to ship and plant. It should not normally be cropped for three years. This allows time for the roots to develop to support the crop. These are available on this page.
The one on the right is a partially trained, one-year-old. It is bigger, and the root system is much bigger. It is not normally cropped for two years. Go to ‘Specials’ for these.
With either, the temptation is to take a light crop one year sooner. This will do no serious harm provided the crop is very light - e.g. two bunches maximum per plant.

Some growers believe that vines grown on their own roots (i.e. ungrafted) perform better that grafted vines and they are generally less vigorous. As we are in the fortunate position of being phylloxera free in the UK it is purely a matter of personal choice.


The following prices apply to both grafted and own-root vines.

Quantity Price each (£) Delivery (£ per batch)
1 to 4 5.50 3.00
5 to 10 5.00 4.00
11 to 20 4.50 7.00
21 to 30 4.10 10.00
31 or more 3.80 12.50 or free if over £150 of vines

Own root vines - i.e. NOT grafted.

The following varieties are normally available from early November until the end of February; however, this year the number of own-root plants is very limited.

White grape variety Availability
Bacchus -
Madeleine Angevine -
Seyval Blanc Sold out
Black grape variety Availability
Gammay -
Pinot Noir -
Triomphe* -

* Formerly ‘Triomphe d’ Alsace’

Grafted vines - normally on SO4 rootstock but may be different.

The following varieties are normally available from mid March to the beginning of April.

White grape variety Availability
Bacchus Sod out
Orion -
Phoenix Sold out
Seyval Blanc Sold out
Solaris -
Black grape variety Availability
Pinot Noir Sold out
Rondo Sold out
Regent Sold out

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