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Bare root mature vines ready for shipment Here is an illustration of two own root, (i.e. ungrafted) vines pruned ready for shipment. On the left is a one-year old and on the right a mature vine. Both types should be allowed a year to re-establish the root system which is pruned for shipment. Note that mature vines loose most of their feeding roots during lifting so they are best planted in November with mycorrhizal fungi applied to the roots to stimulate feeding root regrowth.
In the spring, new growth should appear at several points on the head of the plant. Only those shoots required for the framework should be allowed to develop.
These are available on this page.

This page contains vines that have been grown - and in many cases harvested - but are now surplus to requirements due to ‘permanent reorganisations’ as a result of new trials. Note that when lifting mature vines there is always a risk of root damage; typically a whole root will pull off the stem but this should not cause a failure. It is prudent to allow a mature vine one year’s growth in its new position before taking a crop. Plants are soaked overnight to reduce the risk of drying out during shipment but on receipt should be soaked again and planted or at least heeled-in and watered as soon as possible.


These apply to both grafted and own root vines.
Please note that the delivery price quoted is for a single vine and the actual cost will be quoted in the confirmation.

Item Description Price each (£) Delivery (£ per batch)
One year old, partly trained 7.50 £3.00 min.
2 & 3 year old, trained 9.00 £4.00 min.
Mature vines 11.00 £6.50 min.
Pot ready vines* 12.50 £4.50 min.

* These are short stemmed vines grown in a pot with mycorrhizal fungus to encourage dense roots.


(Please note that the following will be available from early November until the end of February.)
These vines may be grafted or own root because it is not possible to tell by looking at them and their pedigree has not been recorded.

White grape variety One year old 2 & 3 year old Mature
Bacchus - Sold out Sold out
Orion Sold out - Sold out
Seyval Blanc - - Pot-ready
Sold Out
Black grape variety One year old 2 & 3 year old Mature
Gammay Sold out - Sold out
Pinot Noir - Sold out Sold out
Rondo - Sold out Sold out
Triomphe - - -

Grafted vines - SO4 rootstock.

White grape variety One year old 2 & 3 year old Mature
Bacchus Sold out - -
Seyval Blanc Sold out Sold out -
Black grape variety One year old 2 & 3 year old Mature
Pinot Noir Sold out - -
Regent Sold out - Sold out

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