Trellis Materials - 2012/2013

The Monofil wire, Gripples and vine clips listed here are things that I have used - and hence field tested - for many (about 25) years and can recommend. They are widely used by commercial growers but most amateurs are either unaware of them or have no supplier.

Trellis 05 For anybody not familiar with the products, here is a vine shoot clipped to a Monofil wire tensioned with a Gripple.More illustrations.

Monofil wire

Monofil is made from nylon and has the advantage that it is light (about 1/6th of the weight of steel wire of the same diameter), does not corrode and does not easily kink or deform like steel wire; it can be tensioned easily with Gripples (see below). The only risk with it is that it can easily cut with seccateurs - so care is needed when harvesting and pruning. If cut, however, it can easilly be rejoined with a Gripple. I have accidentally cut a wire only once twice!

Monofil comes in various diameters; I have found 3.0mm is the most suitable for growing grapes. The tensile strength is about 345kg for the 3mm. Only the 3mm diameter wire is now stocked.


Trellis materials are delivered separately as they are normally available immediately. Delivery charge is for a single item; when delivered with other trellis materials a delivey cost will be quoted for the total order as part of the confirmation. Unfortunately, postage costs have risen significantly this year and this impacts both the price of new stock and delivery.

3.0mm Diameter

Length (m) Price (£) Delivery (£)
30 6.00 3.00
60 11.50 3.50
120 21.50 6.00
Greater than 120m Contact Jack


Gripples are a proprietary wire tensioner and joiner - quick overview

Note that the overview shows 2.5mm Monofil and the plastic, garden product, not the metal Gripples illustrated above and priced below. A pair of pliers is all that is needed to tension the wire, at least for short lengths. For longer lengths and lots of wire, I have a special Gripple tensioning tool that can be hired.

Pack size Pack price(£) Delivery(£)
4 6.50 3.00
8 12.50 3.00
More than 8 or special tool hire Contact Jack  


The number of these clips used in viticulture is many millions. One end loops round the wire and hangs on and the other end is releasable (so it is there ready for next year when the current year’s growth is cut down). Fits either 2.5 or 3mm wire.

Pack size Pack price (£) Delivery(£)
100 8.00 3.00
250 17.50 3.00
500 31.00 3.00
More than 500 Contact Jack  

Starter Kits

Starter kits: each pack includes Monofil, Gripples and clips and provides a cost saving of over 10% on the delivered prices.

Item TK1 TK2
3.0mm Monofil (m) 30 60
Gripples 4 8
Clips 100 200
Price(£) 18.50 34.00
Delivery(£) 4.00 6.00

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